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Future of Work Employee Development Program

The Future of Work Employee Development Program is an “Incumbent Worker” Training Program

At the end of 2018 PacMtn’s board set aside $100,000 to invest into training in our five county region: Thurston, Lewis, Mason, Grays Harbor, and Pacific. Employers can request up to $15k per year to provide training to employees, who have been there at least 6 months, to move into higher paid positions. Ideally, this then creates an opportunity for another job seeker to backfill the vacated role. Also, the training can be used to avert layoffs.

There is an employer match that is required, based on the size of the company:

  • 10% for less than 50 employees
  • 25% for 51-100 employees
  • 50% for more than 100 employees

This match can include the wages of the staff to attend the training, as an in-kind contribution. 

The training funding is for short-term training, to be completed during the program year. Extra consideration will be provided to requests that will result in certification for the participant and will impact our regional industry sectors.

Future of Work Intake Form

Tell us about your company and your training need in our online form so we can reach out to you to determine if your training might be eligible for our program.

Labor Market Data for Your Talent Acquisition Needs

Labor Market Data & Wage Rate Analysis

The five-county Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Area is a diverse economic region that supports thousands of jobs. Labor market data is a vital tool in preparing business for trends in workforce. Keeping up to date with current wage rates in your industry can provide a competitive edge in recruitment and retention.

Here are two ways to find out what current wages are in your industry:


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Listen Below to Our Episode on Future of Work

This episode features an interview with Geoff Lawrence, Account Executive at Impact Washington, and Robert Bishop President, SATECH, Inc. as they discuss the importance of upskilling staff through training and share tips and takeaways from their experiences. Discover the Future of Work program and the impact that upskilling staff can have on an organization.

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