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Developing a Career Pathway

Developing a Career Pathway within your company is not only an important recruitment strategy, but it provides an understanding for current and future employees about what is possible for them within your company.

For a comprehensive process in developing structured training within your organization check out our Career Pathways Playbook:

WorkSource has several cost reducing strategies to support your business in developing Career Pathways

On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training (OJT) are training incentives that offer you a low-cost way to train new employees, while also providing knowledge and skills essential to job performance.

On-The-Job Training Services

  • Assist you in finding applicants for entry level as well as highly skilled positions. Many applicants come with strong educational backgrounds.
  • The applicants we refer are pre-screened and their skill levels are thoroughly assessed. Our qualified staff will carefully match our applicants to your job requirements.

Work Experience (WEX)

Work-Based Learning Programs

Work Experiences (WEX) provide relevant industry and/or job position specific work experience for career changers, recent training graduates, and youth looking to build skills and work history to obtain career advancing positions.

Work Experience Benefits

  • Help with the success of your local community by mentoring job seekers in gaining work skills needed to become more employable and build economic vitality within your industry.
  • Provide the opportunity for your existing staff to gain supervisory, training, and mentorship experience.
  • No payroll expenses, we even pay Labor and Industries taxes.

For more information, contact your WorkSource office or fill out the Business Needs Assessment below, selecting that you would like to provide Work Based Learning opportunities.